8 Solutions for Government on How to reduce unemployment Rate

Ways through which government can reduce unemployment rate by implementing policies that revolve around the 8 solution that we have provided below.

8 Solutions for Government on How to reduce youth unemployment Rate quickly
8 Solutions for Government on How to reduce youth unemployment Rate in Kenya/Photo

Journal of Causes of Youth Unemployment (educated ones)

Before you go any further, and if you have time, you might be interested to read this awesome journal titled: Causes of Youth Unemployment in Developed and Developing Nation (Case Study of Pakistan). The Journal has some resourceful information on why there are so many educated youths yet they lack employment.

List of Common Causes of Unemployment

Causes of unemployment vary from one country to another but the major ones include;

  • Rise in Population: The demand for jobs increases with the rise in population.
  • Climate Change: Change in climate has made it difficult for people to rely in farming as a source of employment.
  • Globalization or Technology: With the world becoming interconnected multinational companies are “killing” small local companies which used to be a source of employment. For instance, with people getting used to shopping online (on Amazon.com) most malls are closing down.
  • Decline of a country’s economy

Factors Affecting Unemployment

Some of the local factors that affect unemployment include;

  • Location of those who are not employed
  • Poor and high transportation cost
  • Employer Discrimination according tribe or ethnic group

Categories of employed people

Unemployed people are Categorized into three;

  • Unemployed Youths (Young people)
  • Long Term Unemployed people (over 45)
  • Unemployed Women
  • Unemployed Disabled persons

Why Government Policies  of combating unemployment vary

Unemployment is a complex topic to deal with conclusively because countries and city’s economic structure have different types of employment causes and therefore policies that need to be taken to alleviate unemployment rates do vary.  However, we have provided below some of the general strategies that governments can use to to reduce unemployment;

List of 8 solutions Government can use to reduce unemployment rates

Measures that may be taken by the government to curb unemployment include:

  • Diversification of economic activities.
  • Control of population growth.
  • Adoption of policies that encourage labour intensive methods of production.
  • Partner with the private sector to create employment.
  • Adopting relevant education system.
  • Encouraging direct foreign investment.
  • Encouraging efficient exploitation and use of locally available resources.
  •  Availing investment funds through favorable credit like the Youth Fund and Uwezo Fund in Kenya.
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