36 students and student leaders who underwent torture for the interest of humanity

36 students and student leaders who underwent torture for the interest of humanity

Gone are the days when students and student  leaders stood up and fought without fear for the freedom of are enjoying.

Then, students formed a coalition with religious leaders, human rights advocates and politicians  and demanded for the increase of civil liberties. This led to massive arrests and murder.



First, the government started with student leaders then later widened the net to include as many student activists as possible. They then went for any student they could smear some mud on. The Industrial Area remand prison became home to more than one hundred students facing all sorts of charges in relation to distablilizing the government.
Special branch police invaded the university libraries and removed all books from the shelves  written  by readers who promoted ideologies of  freedom for all e.g Karl Marx, Che Guevara, Malcom X, Franz Fanon, Fidel Castro, Ngugi wa Thiong’o, Maina wa Kinyatti et.c

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Below is a list of students who were tortured, imprisoned, detained, murdered and some were forced to exile to escape murder and have never returned. The list comprises mostly of former students from the university of Nairobi and Kenyatta University.

  1. Adongo Ogony
  2. Anyona Kanundu
  3. Christopher Owiro-SONU chair
  4. Francis Kinyua
  5. Geroge Anyona
  6. Hezekiah Ochuka-hanged in 1987
  7. Jeff Mwangi
  8. John Mungai Waruiru
  9. John Munuve
  10. Johnstone Simiyu
  11. Joseph Hongo
  12. Karimi Nduthu-was murdered by government
  13. Karuga Wandai
  14. Maina wa Kinyatti
  15. Mathenge Ririani
  16. Maurice Adongo Ogony
  17. Muga K’Olale
  18. Mwakuduwa Mwachofi
  19. Mwandawiro Mghanga
  20. Mwaringa
  21. Odera Obuon-hanged in 1987
  22. Odindo Opiata
  23. Oduor Ong’wen
  24. Oginga Ogego
  25. Okumu Oteyo-hanged in 1987
  26. Ongele Opala
  27. Onyango C. A.
  28. Onyango Oloo
  29. Opara
  30. Paddy Onyango
  31. Rubik Misore
  32. Saulo Busolo
  33. Thomas Mutuse
  34. Tirop Kitur
  35. Titus Adungosi – (SONU chair) died in prison
  36. Wahinya wa Boore

Kamiti and Naivasha Maximum Security Prisons were transformed into concentration camps where arrested university students  were tortured while being interrogated.

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