Uhuru Kenyatta on benefits of Church Sponsored schools in our society

This is a speech that was delivered by president Uhuru Kenyatta on the benefits of handing Mission schools back to Churches that sponsored there development.  The speech was delivered during the burial of  Archbishop Emeritus John Njenga…(We have skipped some parts of the speech).

President Uhuru Kenyatta on the need to hand mission school to churches that sponsored them
President Uhuru Kenyatta on the need to hand mission school to churches that sponsored them and restoring their land/Photo by State House

…The Speech begins below…

On The benefits of Church Sponsored Schools in our society

…we need to be able that to get back to that level where church sponsored schools must be allowed to mentor our children. If you look at some of the problems and the challenges, if we have any reason to say so look at what is happening in some of our schools, look at the level of in discipline that we have in our schools, look at the level of some of the activities where school children are taking it upon themselves to burn school, it tells you there is something missing in their lives, this is not something that we heard of in those days and I want to give you my assurance today that we will get back to those days…

Restoring church teachings in schools

…I want to give you my assurance today that we must restore the chaplaincies so that we can mentor and spiritually guide our children from very early day. This is a must and we shall do it. I don’t believe there is any law that stops us or prevents us it is just a question of us doing it …”

Restoring Church Owned Land and schools

There are a lot of churches schools sponsored and built by the church and the Ministry of Education and I’m saying it for the last time today I want you to ensure that you restore that sponsorship back and secondly you have one week in which to restore all church owned land and schools back to their rightful owner.

The PS will be with your education secretary tomorrow morning and he has a week to finalize on that agenda that we have discussed for the long rest of time that is the least we can do to honor the  memory of this legend who lies before us…

…The speech ends here…


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