Twist-bun mohawk in Kenya: How to style it and best for

The twist-bun mohawk is one of the most elegant variations of the mohawk styles. The style accords one a to-die for look while paying special attention to small details. It is among the most embraced mohawk styles in Kenya and is greatly embraced by both young men and women of campus age as well the working class. It is one of the easiest to achieve and with a good stylist, can service one for a longer period of time while keeping the hair healthier and sleek.

Twist-bun mohawk styling and best for

Twist-bun mohawk styling and best for/Photo by stylemag



Since the style works better with natural or straightened hair, both the initial as well as the upkeep cost are favourable. All that is needed is for one to have their hair thoroughly washed just before the styling is done.This is to ensure a neat finishing as it is much easier to deal with freshly dried hair because of the flexibility it offers. Hence for those who prefer natural hair dryi g as opposed to be blow-drying, they can have it washed a little bit earlier to allow swift drying.


The hair is then carefully brushed to into a smooth finish starting from the root outwards, then separate into three equal sections before being tightly held into ponytails then twisted and fixed together into a bun. Remember the bun is the highlight of this look hence it needs a professional touch that DIY videos may not offer. This look is suitable for any occasion. Hence either outdoor or indoor and with proper accessories, one will be surely ready to impress with this exquisite look.

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