Student interactive whiteboards (IWB) for sell in Kenya

IWBInteractive whiteboards (IWB) are commonly known as smart boards. They are a powerful tool in the classroom that add interactivity and collaborations, allowing the integration of media content into the lecture  and supporting collaborative learning. There are various benefits why students should use interactive whiteboards. Some of the reasons include;

  1. They improve learning because they give students the opportunity to absorb information using spoken word and visuals
  2. Increased participation in interactive whiteboard images can be saved and printed, so students do not have to take note during the discussion. This allows them to participate in the learning or collaborative session at a much more focused, engaged level.
  3. There is less demand for note taking allowing for increased concentration and participation of all students.
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Do you need to buy  Interactive whiteboards (IWB) for your institution? Do you need an Interactive whiteboard to be delivered to your institution? Let us know in the comment section below

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