Benefits of using Interactive Whiteboards in a Classroom

How useful are Interactive Whiteboards in a Classroom?



A look at some of the benefits why students and teachers should use interactive whiteboard in the classrooms for learning purposes.

What is an  Interactive Whiteboard?

Interactive whiteboards also known as Smart Boards is a powerful tool that is used in the classroom or business presentations that adds interactivity and collaborations. They are like Digital Blackboards. They can be integrated with desktop softwares, web apps and mobile apps.

Benefits of using Interactive Whiteboards in a Classroom
Benefits of using Interactive Whiteboards in a Classroom/Photo Source

Interactive whiteboards can be connected to a laptop and mobile device and then used for presentation in class.

Benefits of Interactive Whiteboards

There are various benefits as to why students should use interactive whiteboards. Some of them include;

  • First dissemination of information: Teachers can display work stored in their mobile phone, tablets or laptops to whiteboards in at a click of a mouse
  • Teachers can record lessons
  • Collaboration:  Various apps and softwares can be integrated with Interactive whiteboard and used for presentations
  • You can write and edit information efficiently
  • They encourage student engagement as you can integrate interactive media content like animations, gif
  • There is less demand for note taking allowing for increased concentration and participation of all students.

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