How to Start Article Writing Online: Sites that Pay well for beginners and experienced

In the previous article we looked at what article writing entailed and how you could get started, and in this article we will look at the best sites where you can find article writing work that  pay well for beginners and experienced.

starting Article Writing Online in kenya, Sites that Pay well for beginners and experienced

starting Article Writing Online in Kenya, Sites that Pay well for beginners and experienced/Photo





This is by far the best article writing site because of the quality of clients you will find here. You will find clients who pay as little as $1 per 500 words (don’t bother with these kind) and you will also come across clients who will pay as much as $50 per 500 word article. Joining this website can be a challenge as they are quick to weed out writers who do not meet their standards. After opening an account with them, it is advisable that you do some tests and fill out as much information as you can on your profile.




This site offers article writing opportunities at a fixed rate. The rate depends on the writer level you are at: standard, premium, elite and elite plus. Once you join, you are automatically ranked as a standard writer, with the pay being $1.25 for 150 word articles. Once you submit an article to a client, they will review it and rate you out of 5 stars. If you successfully manage to get over thirty 5 star ratings, then that will put you at elite plus where you can earn as much as $50 per 500 word article.




With this site, you set up a job and depending on what your offer is, clients are the ones who will come looking for you. Each “gig” that is set up on Fiverr costs $5. So you can start out by offering to write 500 words for $5. As your reviews grow, you can increase the rate to 100 words for $5.



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