Soqey Socrates takes office as MUSO Editor in Chief

Moi University student Organization (MUSO) appointed Socrates as its 30th editor in chief



Socrates photo/fb

Socrates has worked for the 3rd eye since his first years. He goes into the list of 3rd eye officials who have been appointed into the same position.  A statement he posted on social media read;
Good morning all time greats. Like I do say, sometimes it’s always about the end of the story and not the story itself. When a supreme decision is made, no exceptions apply whatsoever. Having reported to duty as the lead editor of the 30th Council, I have a comprehensive game plan for all of us.

The Union’s communication machinery needs a mature approach. MUSO Illuminator must be revived. Information must be accessible. All comrades must stay updated. For that is the frontier of progressive growth as a union. We have a lot to do with very limited time left. So the only noble thing to do is to pull up our sleeves long enough to finish the job.

To my friends Marvin, Grace Njenga, Wambiri and Alex Alex. There is power in acceptance. It’s deep, natural and noble. Lastly, I will not walk in front of you because I may not lead. I will not walk behind you because I may not follow. But I will walk beside you and be your friend.

So long.

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