Somalia 2017 Presidential elections: Results and winner Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo

2017  Somalia Presidential elections finally went down in Mogadishu on 8th January 2017 after being postponed several times. The elections were conducted at Mogadishu Airport by FIEIT where parliamentarians gathered to vote. As we look forward to the results, this posts analyzes the voting system and lists candidates that are likely to win. An update will be made once official winners are announced.

 UPDATE: Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo is the new president of the republic of Somalia after emerging the winner in a hotly contested 2017 presidential elections.
Somalia 2017 presidential election candidates
Somalia 2017 presidential election candidates/Photo

Somalia Politics
Somalia politics in controlled by powerful clans and elders whose voice on who will occupy parliamentary positions is irresistible.  The 275 parliamentary seats are distributed between clans under a laid down distribution formula.

Somalia Presidential voting System

Somalia’s president is elected by a majority vote casted by  members of the lower and upper house (Senators and MPs) who are 54 and 275 in number respectively. There are a total of 14,025 delegates who elect those senators and mps.  There are 275 electoral colleges and each electoral colleges produces 51 delegates  selected by 135 elders in consultation with sub-clan elders commonly referred to as “nabadoon and samadoono”  in Somalia.


IN SUMMARY: 135 clan elders select 14,025 delegates-The 14,025 delegates elect members of lower and upper house (275+54)-Members of lower and upper house elect president- The president appoints cabinet members and prime minister.

This is  therefore means that electoral process is not a one man  one vote system as it is in Kenya, , South Africa,  Nigeria and other African Nations.

The presidential elections in Somalia were managed by the Federal Indirect Electoral Implementation Team (FIEIT) which comprises of 22 professionals.


Likely Winners of the Somalia Presidential elections

The following presidential candidates are arranged according to who is likely to emerge the winner with the top having high chances.

Somalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud 2017
Outgoing Somalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud 2017/Photo


  1. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud
  2. Mohamed Abdullahi Formajo (Has emerged the winner
  3. Sharif Sheikh Ahmed
  4. Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke
  5. Abdulkadir Osoble Alli
  6. Said Abdullahi Dani
  7. Abdullahi Ali Ahmed
  8. Abdirahman Abdishakur Warsame
  9. Dr. Abilinsir Abdulle Mohamed
  10. Ali Haji  Warsame
  11. Mohamud Ahmed Nur ‘Tarsan
  12. Mohamed Yasin Ismail
  13. Jibril Ibrahim Abdulle
  14. Mohamed Ahmed Jabarti
  15. Said Isse Mohamud
somalia presidential election voting center
Somalia presidential election voting center/Photo

UPDATE: Mohammed Abdullahi Farmajo beat the incumbent President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud to be elected as the new president of Somalia

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For more updates from FIEIT on the Somalia 2017 presidential election results and winners check our next  news post!

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