How to Shop for a Doormat in Kenya: Key Qualities to Consider

Whether in the interior or exterior, the decor of a home has an amazingly pacifying feeling. For anyone who visits a home ,their first impression of the home is drawn by what they encounter first.

How to Shop for a Doormat in Kenya Key Qualities to Consider

How to Shop for a Doormat in Kenya Key Qualities to Consider/Photo

In this case, doormats play a very crucial role ensuring that guests feel warm and welcome . It may seem odd, but there is an unspoken message that door mats communicate about your personality and nature. ‘Hello with love,’ if the first thing that meets you at the entrance of a house is a doormat with such a message, even your mood lightens up.

Be it an outdoor or an in doormat, certain attributes have to be put into consideration before you settle for your preferred choice:


For an outdoor mat, one has to ensure that:

  • It is made of weather-resistant materials such as coconut fibers, or rubber straps made from old tyres
  • Should not be water retaining.
  • It should be firm and not slippery

An indoor mat should be:

  • Made from soft, durable and attractive materials such as clothe fabrics and wool
  • Easy to clean
  • Frail resistant

Size and shape
If being used for a home,small sized and shaped doormats are always preferable. For public or social places ,bigger dormats are most suitable.

Tip: For a doormat to be completely effective, it should cover up at least 70% of it’s location.

Material, color and fabric type

As much as many would not agree, our choices are mostly as a result of what appeals to our sense of touch, sight and feel.
These key attributes determine:

  • The mode of cleaning
  • Maintaining of the doormat
  • how well it blends with the other colors from where it is positioned
  • Its durability


Tip: Consider using a neutral color for your outdoor mat. This is key especially because of the traffic, wind and dirt.

During this previous years, doormats have become a regular item at most stores and supermarkets, as compared to some few years back. These amazing pieces of art range from different prizes according to your budget or preference. If you prefer purchasing your items online and having them delivered, you are still spoilt for choice. Businesses have even gone an inch higher by allowing their clients to buy or pre-order custom made doormats, that means, you can get your mat in any. Colour, shape, size or even message engraved on it.

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Wouldn’t it be great to have a doormat that welcomed you with a smile,immediately you opened your door?



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