Safaricom, Telkom Kenya and Airtel Kenya Data Bundle Packages Pricing Comparison

Most Kenyans access the internet through mobile devices. While a good number have access to Wi-Fi (office, school or free hot spots), most have to purchase internet data packages, popularly known as data bundles, or simply bundles.

Safaricom, Telkom Kenya and Airtel Kenya Data Bundle Packages Pricing Comparison

Safaricom, Telkom Kenya and Airtel Kenya Data Bundle Packages Pricing Comparison/Photo

Here is a detailed comparison of bundles’ pricing among the top three internet service providers (ISPs) in Kenya.


Safaricom is the leading ISP in Kenya. Their connectivity across the country is the widest and Internet speeds are faster, however their data bundles are costlier than those of rivals.

Daily Bundles

150MB +150 SMS            Kshs. 50

60MB + 60SMS                 Kshs. 30

35MB + 35SMS                 Kshs. 20

7MB + 7SMS                      Kshs. 5

Weekly Bundles

200MB                 Kshs. 99

65MB                    Kshs. 50

30MB                    Kshs. 30

10MB                    Kshs. 10

5MB                      Kshs. 5

Monthly Bundles

12GB                     Kshs. 2,999

7.5GB                   Kshs. 1,999

5GB                       Kshs. 1.499

3GB                       Kshs. 999

1GB                       Kshs. 499

350MB                 Kshs. 249

Telkom Kenya

Formerly known as Orange (Kenya), the ISP introduced some mouth-watering offers on bundles since re-branding. While their coverage is not as widespread as Safaricom’s, their internet speeds are fairly good where available.

Daily Bundles

  • 15MB                    Kshs. 9
  • 40MB                    Kshs. 19
  • 100MB                 Kshs. 39
  • 400MB                 Kshs. 49

Weekly Bundles

  • 20MB                    Kshs. 19
  • 80MB                    Kshs. 49
  • 200MB                 Kshs. 99
  • 500MB                 Kshs. 199

Monthly Bundles

  • 150MB                 Kshs. 99
  • 400MB                 Kshs 199
  • 1.5GB                   Kshs. 499
  • 4GB                       Kshs. 999
  • 6GB                       Kshs. 1,499
  • 10GB                     Kshs. 1,999
  • 20GB                    Kshs. 2,999

90 Day Bundle

  • 100GB                  Kshs. 8,999

Airtel Kenya

Airtel has been the second most popular mobile internet service provider but they seem to be taking a beating from Telkom Kenya lately. Their internet speeds are only reliable in major towns.

Daily Bundles

  • 8MB                      Kshs. 5
  • 25MB                    Kshs. 10
  • 70MB                    Kshs. 20
  • 200MB                 Kshs. 50

Weekly Bundles

  • 150MB                 Kshs. 50
  • 350MB                 Kshs. 100
  • 2GB                       Kshs. 250

Monthly Bundles

  • 1GB                       Kshs. 300
  • 2GB                       Kshs. 500
  • 6GB                       Kshs. 1,000
  • 10GB                     Kshs. 1,500
  • 15GB                     Kshs. 2,000
  • 24GB                     Kshs. 3,000

90 Day Bundles

  • 12GB                    Kshs. 3,000
  • 40GB                     Kshs. 6,000
  • 70GB                     Kshs. 9,000

Dial *544# to access the data bundles menu on all three service providers. The daily bundles are valid for 24 hours, weekly bundles are valid for 7 days and monthly bundles are valid for 30 days. Safaricom and Airtel Kenya subscribers can choose purchase once or opt for auto-renewal.

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Safaricom also remains the only ISP to allow customers to restrict deduction of airtime once Internet Bundles are depleted. This feature is available via *544# menu, under the sub-menu titled “My Data Manager.”

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