How to revise for KCSE Chemistry examination and sample papers

It is almost that time of the year when you finally get to sit for final KCSE examinations. Students as well as teachers across the country are making final preparations for the national examinations. If you are still having troubles in revising, especially in chemistry. Here revision are tips that might be helpful. (SAMPLE Papers will be shared later)



Avoid distractions


Do away with all the distractions that might lower your concentration while studying. This might be your noisy classmates or any other situation that makes you lose focus. With fewer distractions, you will be able to focus in your revision.

Start early revisions


It is never too late to start revising for chemistry. Even a week’s revision can make a huge difference in your grades in chemistry.

Understand concepts

If you are to revise well and pass in chemistry, you need to do more than just reading your notes and textbooks. Ensure that you also understand what you are reading. You can also consult with your teacher for help in case you are finding it hard to understand a concept.

Use revision materials

Make use of chemistry textbooks, revision books and past papers. The books are there to help you in your revision and the past papers will help you practice and get an idea of what the exam will be like.

Do practice questions

Practice daily and test yourself with the questions available in the text books, revision books and past papers. Remember to consult with your colleagues and teachers if you need help.

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We will update sample past papers later

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