How to revise for history and government examination and revision sample papers

History and government exam is unique for one reason; it is both simple and difficult. The good thing is that your revision technique determines whether it’s going to be a walkover or a hard nut to crack. Let me show you how to make it a walkover.

sample KNEC history and government revision guidelines and papers
sample KNEC history and government revision guidelines and papers


Study method

Mastering points really helps in the revision of History and Government exam. It is a method whereby you read several times then try to remember or even jot down what you’ve learnt. It enables you to remember points even in your consequent exams.


Short notes

Prepare precise and concise notes either in a smaller book, pieces of foolscap or wherever else you find appropriate.

Develop a habit of reading them regularly and by exam time, you’ll be good to go.


Revision questions

Pass through previous exam questions and try seeing whether or not you are in a position to answer them.

Look up the answers of those which you can’t answer and familiarize yourself with the ‘taste’ and contexts of the questions.



Spend neither too much nor too little time revising for History & Government. In my view, one hour daily is enough for you to grasp sufficient content.

Spending too much time will eventually bore you while spending too little time (like ten minutes only) is sheer laziness. Both are not likely to impact your competence in the subject.


Group work

Group work becomes more helpful if you’ve already read. It helps you to brainstorm on points you’re likely to forget.

If you can, identify three to five serious people who you can discuss with. It pays!


History and government is fun enough to be a booster subject, if and only if you take it seriously. Go for that mark!

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Sample papers to be updated later

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