Raila Odinga Canaan Memes: Funny Photos and Videos of the NASA road to canaan

Kenya’s opposition leader and veteran politician Raila Odinga who is contesting to be President under NASA coalition party in the August 8th 2017 general election symbolically indicated that he is the biblical Joshua that will take Kenyans to Canaan. Kenyans have taken to social media and are making fun of it

Raila odinga Canaan memes

Raila odinga Canaan memes/Photos


What Kenyans are saying about NASA presidential candidate, Raila Odinga Joshua’s road to Canaan


  • Bettylne Mbugua‏: After August 8, I don’t want to hear again someone asking me my tribe. That was Egypt. No tribes in Canaan
  • Phil‏ Etale: The journey to Canaan is that of mass determination. It is blind to tribe but fiercely focused on destination
  • Daqane‏: KenyaAirways One way Ticket to Canaan is how much,Sioni nikirudi hivi hivi wakubwa.
    Denis Mugah‏: No amount of propaganda can change our course. In a few days’ time,we will be in Canaan with Raila.
  • Hasani Yusuf‏: I am ready to accompany Raila to Canaan.I reject and disown Uhuruto’s dictatorship
  • Nyambega‏ to miguna miguna: I hope u r headed to Canaan with Baba raila amollo odinga agwambo Joshua……please don’t be left behind in Egypt.
  • @kakamchizy80: @UKenyatta you had the chance to debate Raila and tell us why we should elect you but you chickened out. Canaan is loading

Raila Odinga’s Road to Canaan funny memes photos

Raila Odinga in Canaan photo meme

Raila Odinga in Canaan photo meme/Photo

Raila Odinga’s Road to Canaan funny memes Videos

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:

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