How to prepare for graduation day when living far from Campus

You have finally finished your final lap in campus and undergone the necessary clearance  process. What is now left is for you to present yourself to the graduation square an graduation  day. You are obviously  super excited  about it and have been counting days. Slowly Months turn to weeks then to days and finally rehearsal day. How do you prepare  for that day if your home is far away? Here is how;



Get a place where you will spend the night


Let a close friend/family member in the nearest town host you.

You might  not like the idea but it’s  the best option  in this case. The place they are staying  should be close enough to get to the graduation  venue on time. Inform them in good time like a month earlier  so that they can include you in their plans. Do not ambush them last minute least you get the shock of your life when  they turn your request  down and end up having bad relations.

If you have no relative  then work  on getting  a room in a hotel in good time since they tend to be fully booked  as graduation  nears.


Make sure your guests  are well received

Make sure your phone is fully charged since you will be receiving many calls on that day. And since you will be at the graduation square  most of the time, get a friend/family member who could help you receive your guests. That way they won’t  feel stranded since they have travelled far to be with you. Ensure they get invitation  cards on time so that they can access the venue. You can also advise them on the importance  of time management.


Have a refreshments  place in mind.

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As much as your guests will support  you with the bill, you need to find a readily  available  place where you will be able to refresh. Arrive two days or atleast a day earlier and roam around the place and get to know eating  joints. It doesn’t  have to be nearest  to the Campus but close enough since you will all be hungry. If you can find an outside  caterer, the better. But consider  the cost too, you don’t  want people  to be worrying  too much about  the bill when they should  be enjoying.

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