How to Prepare Ahead of the Digital Driving License Launch in Kenya

According to the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA), the new digital driving license will be issued to motorist soon. A particular timeline has not yet been given, but according to the authority it will start soon. This is a move that has been received with mixed reactions; but it is about time that we join our neighbors such as Tanzania, Uganda and Somalia, who have already embraced this digital migration.

Digital Driving License Launch in Kenya, how to get one

Digital Driving License Launch in Kenya, how to get one/Photo


What is a digital driving license?

It is a plastic card resembling the new generation identity card. This card will be secured with an electronic chip containing the motorist’s information after application. Access to this information will only be done by authorized NTSA officers, using an electronic card reader.

How will the license work?

This digital driving license will posses points. As a motorists, anytime you are charged with a traffic offense, a single point or a few are deducted.

If you happen to have exhausted all your points due to repeated traffic misconduct, a few things may happen:

  • You may permanently loose your license
  • Have it temporarily confiscated by the traffic authority
  • You may have to pay a heavy fine
  • Forced to retake your driving classes at a renowned and NTSA approves driving institution


Penalty for reckless road behavior will be very heavy especially for serious offenders such as drunk drivers and those over speeding.


The digital driving license will entail:

  • Your photo
  • Driving history
  • When the license was issued


So what happens when the roll out begins?

According to the NTSA, they have over 3 million motorists registered in their data bank. The roll out will be implemented in phases, starting with new applicants followed suit by those renewing old licenses.

PS: Of you are already in possession of the old driver’s license, you will be required to surrender it in exchange with the digital license during application.

By 2020, the NTSA hopes that even those individuals who have not yet applied for licenses, will be able to acquire them. You will find it even easier as the license application platform will be available on Ecitizen, which is a government platform.

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Well, now you are in possession of all the information you need ahead of the digital driving license launch.

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