New Teachers House Allowances after implementation of 2013/2017 CBA

Following the negotiated Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) signed  by TSC and the teachers union, over 300,000 teachers will be smiling to the banks with increased new house allowances on top of the improved basic salary. The pay-out of the new House allowance marks the implementation of the last phase of the enhanced allowance of teachers as contained in the 2013/2017 CBA signed on June 20th, 2016 in Mombasa.

TSC CEO Nancy Macharia on new teachers allowances
TSC CEO Nancy Macharia on new teachers allowances/Photo


The House allowance as illustrated in the table below will be paid in categories with the teachers’ work stations coming into play to determine the rates. Those serving in urban areas will receive higher perks compared to their counterparts in rural locations. Those stationed in Nairobi will receive the highest amount of the monthly allowance owing to the relatively high cost of living, followed closely by those working in major towns across the country.

Under the new terms, teachers at Job Groups ‘H’ (B5 in new grading) who are mainly P1 tutors serving in Nairobi will now pocket Sh6,750 per month up from Sh. 6,167 with effect from July 1st this year.

Their counterparts teaching in major towns such as Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, Nyeri, Eldoret, Thika, Kisii, Malindi and Kitale will now earn Sh4,500 per month improved from Sh4,000 they have been pocketing. Currently, teachers in Grade B5 are over 132,000.

Those serving in other former municipalities will pocket Sh3, 850 monthly up from Shs3, 567, while those serving in other areas (Rural setting) will earn Shs3, 200 up from the previous Shs3, 134. Tutors in Job Group ‘J’ (Grade C1) based in Nairobi County will now pocket Shs10,000 per month as House allowance from Sh8,667 which they have been earning previously; while tutors of the same grade in the former major municipalities will walk away with Shs7,500 up from Shs6,167.

Teachers in the same category but serving in other former municipalities have been pushed up from Sh5, 034 per month to Sh5, 800; while their counterparts in other areas (Rural setting) will receive Sh4, 200 per month, an improvement from Sh3, 967. Job Group ‘J’ has about 24,500 tutors. Teachers in Job Group ‘K’ (GradeC2) based in Nairobi will now be paid Sh16, 500 per month up from Shs14, 334; while their counterparts in the former major municipalities will take home Sh12, 800 up from Sh10, 534.

Tutors of the same grade in other former municipalities who have been earning Sh8,400 per month as House allowance, from this month will pocket Shs9,600, with their counterparts in other areas (Rural setting) have been awarded Shs7,500 per month up from Shs7,000. Job Group ‘K’ has about 44,000 teachers.

The highest paid teachers, those in Job Groups ‘P’, ‘Q’ and ‘R’ (Grade D1 – D5) and stationed in Nairobi County their House allowance has been hiked from Shs46,667 per month to Shs50,000 effect from this July, with their counterparts in the former major municipalities pocketing Shs35,000 up from Shs28,334.

These categories of tutors are Principal Graduate Teachers, Senior Principals and Chief Principals who are about 700.

Their counterparts in other former municipalities effect from this July will earn Shs25,000 up from the previous Shs21,667 per month, with those in other areas (Rural setting) walking home with a cool Shs20,000 per month up from Shs18,334.

Teachers in Grade D1 will be paid House allowance at the same level with those in D2 to D5.

new teachers allowances after 2017 CBA implementation
New teachers allowances after 2017 CBA implementation/Photo

Teachers allowances

new tsc teachers allowances after 2017 CBA implementation
New TSC teachers allowances after 2017 CBA implementation/Photo
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