NASA List of Irreducible Minimums for Fresh Elections

The NASA coalition has issued a list of what it terms “irreducible minimums.” The list contains issues and proposals the coalition principals state must be considered before fresh elections slated for 17th October can take place. Here are some of the key issues proposed.

Form 34Bs

The coalition proposes that all forms should be pre-printed, with clearly indicated names of polling stations and candidates.  Returning officers should fill the forms physically and make official announcement at the constituency level.

Media Access

The coalition wants media to have full access to all constituency tallying centres and report results announced at the tallying centres. The media should also make live broadcasts of result announcement at the tallying centres.

Returning Officers

A new contingent of returning officers should be appointed in all 291 constituencies. Determination for station of posting of the ROs should be openly done via open balloting.

Transmission of Results

The commission should announce the exact number of people who have voted by 5pm based on data from KIEMS. Only scanned images sent via KIEMS should be used in tabulation of results. Tallying centres should not display results before they are verified. Candidate’s agents to be part of receiving teams at the constituency and national tallying centres. The agents should also be present at all stages of the elections.


ICT Infrastructure

Independent and international experts to manage the ICT framework in close supervision of candidates’ agents. The database for results transmission should be designed on the Oracle platform and be overseen by Oracle Consulting. Cloud servers should not be used in results transmission and IBM should be contracted to provide support for Qradar.

Direct login for privileged accounts should be disabled and system administrators must access the servers using their personal accounts. DB vault configuration should be enhanced to include static IPs of the KIEMS devices to prevent data injection from ungazetted polling stations.

Commission to disclose physical locations of the servers and ensure all data hosting centres are located within Kenya.

Polling Stations

The commission should avail a list of polling stations and registered voters in the respective stations in advance. The list should also have the GPS locations of the polling stations and status of their network coverage.

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Complicit Election Officials

Election personnel found culpable in commission of election offences in the nullified elections to vacate office with immediate effect.

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