Most Known In Moi University

Most Known In Moi University

The following is a list of most famous, students, student leaders, schools, organizations, administrators, entertainment  places, and alumni in Moi university.





  1. The 3rd eye-News
  2. East Africa Youth Parliament Moi University Chapter (EAYP)
  3. The Legacy-News
  4. Red Cross
  5. AISEC


  1. Kobilo Obilo
  2. Titus  Kisangau
  3. Totty toto
  4. Bryan Kipronoh
  5. Macharia
  6. Zungu
  7. Kihara
  8. Salat
  9. Wadi
  10. Nyamori
  11. Doyo
  12. Sije
  13. Liz
  14. Tony

Student leaders

  1. Dikembe Disembe- MUSO secretary general-former
  2. Florence Doghana- MUSO chairman-Former
  3. Kipsaro Boit-MUSO chair
  4. Journalist Parcie-MUSO vice chair


  1. Mwang’ombe Mwamburi Mwambeo-former MUSO chair
  2. Ondieki Elvis- father of 3rd eye
  3. Kezia philbert-was Mr. Moi
  4. Okeri Orina
  5. Nyamweya-post graduate
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Entertainment Places

  1. Frakaz
  2. Falls
  3. Keses  Dam
  4. F2

Eating place

  1. New Valley
  2. Ropbol
  3. Chela
  4. Kandiz


  1. School Of Education
  2. School Of Human Resource
  3. School Of Business


  1. Hotel H
  2. Hotel J
  3. Hostel K

Most corrupt bodies/individuals

Coming soon

The names of some individuals listed above  are not official names.

The above names  might have errors and therefore  they are open for corrections

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