How to make use of your undergraduate scholarship to secure a Masters one

Winning a scholarship brings so much joy with it is a once in a lifetime opportunity that students with needy backgrounds  look forward to. So if you get that confirmation letter/mail, you have every  reason to celebrate. It should be the beginning  of good things  coming  your  way and if the opportunity is well maximize, you could end up gaining  an extension to your Masters.



Let your grades speak for you


Always  keep in mind that  the  reason you were selected for that scholarship  in the first place  was because of your high grades and admirable performance. Someone somewhere  gave  you a chance to proof yourself. Therefore  it’s  only fair if you did just that. Work hard and outperform. Shine and create for yourself  a place among the elite in that University.


Be Proactive


Take part in extra curriculum  activities. Join a talent team of your choice and shine. You can also find your  way into student  leadership. There you can be the voice for the under privileged. Let others  see that where you came from does not define you. Get noticed by the university  top leadership. If you impress them chances are they will surely  talk about you and see how they could help you further. You have to earn it.


Be informed  always

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Keep your ears on the ground. Get to know which Masters courses  your University sponsors. Also know of related  Universities  with scholarship  opportunities  for Master plans. Inquire on the processes  of application  and start  applying  as earlier  as your 3rd year. Consult your favorite lecturers  on this. They are usually  well informed  and could help you draft a winning application. Be disciplined, work hard, network  and see yourself  sailing  higher.

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