Make Money Online by Writing for Kenyayote: Mpesa Weekly Payments

A guide on how to make money online by writing for Kenyayote: Are you good in writing?Then you have a chance to make money online with us. We make payments on a weekly basis through mpesa if you meet our threshold of Ksh. 500. Kindly read all the details below and have all the facts with you on how we operate (NOTE: read the notice at the end of this post  for new writers applying after 24th August 2017)


Making Money Online in kenya through writing
Making Money Online in Kenya through writing/Photo

What Experience is needed to write for Kenyayote?

Experience is not needed, we are not looking for experts, all you have to do is submit original and high quality articles.

How do I submit articles?

Before you start writing your article, kindly let us know about its title. We have to approve your title first. All article are submitted to our editor through (  (NOTE: For new writers kindly read the note at the end of this post). You can join our writers forum if you have any inquiries.

Your article must not be less than 250 words.

Where do i get article titles to write about?

We only accept informational article, that is HOW TO articles related to Kenya for example;

  • How to cook ugali in Kenya
  • How to book mash bus
  • How to pay kenyatta university schools through bank
  • how to mantian your hair

Kindly chose from any category in brackets below

  1. How to …….. topic in the category of (Vehicles)
  2. How to …….. topic in the category of (Computers and Electronics)
  3. How to …….. topic in the category of (Education)
  4. How to …….. topic in the category of (Finance and Business)
  5. How to …….. topic in the category of (Food)
  6. How to …….. topic in the category of (Home and Garden)
  7. How to …….. topic in the category of (Philosophy and Religion)
  8. How to …….. topic in the category of (Relationships)
  9. How to …….. topic in the category of (Sports )
  10. How to …….. topic in the category of (Travel and destinations)
  11. How to …….. topic in the category of (Money)
  12. How to …….. topic in the category of (books)
  13. Picture stories..  atleast 5 personal photos describing a place in Kenya (For instance, photos of Kenyatta University hostel) (Pictures downloaded from the internet will not be accepted)
  14. How to write a…….. topic in the category of (any kind of letter for instance, how to write an official letter, how to write a job application letter e.t.c  )
  15. e.t.c
How to make a living online in kenya and earn through mpesa
How to make a living online in Kenya and earn through mpesa/Photo

What if my post is not approved?

Once you submit your post, our editors will review it and if it does not meet our conditions, our editors will let you know.

How do i receive my payment?

We make our payments through mpesa for Kenyans and Paypal for Non-Kenyans. Payments are made on Friday of each week once your payment hits ksh. 500. Payment below Ksh. 500 will be carried over to the next payment period until you reach ksh. 500.

How much do you pay per article?

We pay ksh. 100 per article and if you article performs well we will give you a bonus of 150 making it a total of ksh. 250.


Points to NOTE

  • NOTE 1: After writing for us and you feel that you have become an expert and want to start you own blog like ours then kindly visit our design page here and we will help you start your own journey. We will be happy to see you grow.
  • NOTE2: Kindly, only submit an article whose title we have approved! Don’t write an article before we approve its title!
  • NOTE3: Don’t steal articles from other websites. Plagiarized articles will automatically be rejected and will lead us to deleting your profile!
  • NOTE 4: For the avoidance of doubt, any article that we reject shall remain yours and will not be published in our website

NOTICE! We have received enough writers! We are no more accepting new writers!

NOTE: Those who had contacted us before 25th August 2017 can continue writing for us! if you have any inquiries.


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Lets make money online in Kenya!

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    1. iam best in dramas,and the best composer i have an experience but am not much educated.
      How could i join you and earn money online and if talent pays as others stated let me be one of them.
      please consider me.

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