Key Things to Consider before Choosing a University in Kenya

Finally! Joining the university. It is undeniably an exciting and surreal feeling for different individuals. New friends, things to discover, new found freedom and a feeling of independence. However, there are a few things to consider before settling for your university of choice. So, before you decide on your university choice; consider the key facts below:

Key Things to Consider before Choosing a University in Kenya

Key Things to Consider before Choosing a University in Kenya/Photo



  1. Your grades.

I know, this gives most people shivers. It is nonetheless important to carefully scrutinize your grades, the course or program you want to pursue before making a decision.

Why are grades so important? Well, the reason is very simple; universities and most higher learning institutions evaluate your grades as they determine if you qualify to be part of their student fraternity.


  1. University admittance

Joining the university is not just a normal right of passage to adulthood. The key goal is to increase your success opportunities, enhance your intellect and build you up holistically in preparation for the outside world. While choosing a university, ensure that you choose an institution where the admission process; reflects the qualities you hope and wish to gain through your stay there and after you graduate.


  1. The Regional and National Accreditation

What is accreditation?

This is the certification of an institution of higher learning by education officials to ensure that it has reached the maximum learning requirements.

Ensure that both the university and the program you wish to  undertake are accredited. Hence, quality learning standards are assured.


  1. University’s Academic reputation

If you are already decided on which course to undertake, then the school’s academic performance is a key consideration. You can choose to do your research I the field of employment you aspire to venture into. This way, you will have a clear overview of the school’s performance; and also get to sample some of the employers views on their employees who are alumni to your university of choice.


  1. Physical location and security.

So where will you reside during your learning? Well, that is if you prefer being comfortable and close to the school. You should be at ease and feel safe with the university’s location, as it may affect your studies in one way or the other. The location should also provide all the basic amenities such as shopping stores, hospitals, places of worship and extracurricular activities’ venue.


  1. Size of the university

Why should the physical size matter? Here is why:

Larger universities or institutions offer diverse programs and courses as compared to smaller institutions. This gives you an opportunity to interact with individuals from different walks of life, backgrounds and cultures. When an institution is larger in size, it also means that it provides widespread resources such as libraries, laboratories, campus housing and extracurricular activities’ venue.

  1. Tuition, school fees and maintenance cost

Before you make your final decision, ensure that you can cater for all the below costs:

  • Text books
  • School fees
  • Food
  • Personal needs
  • Tuition fees
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Finally, you have an in depth guide to follow before you decide on your university if choice. Remember, you will be in that institution for 4 years or more; do not make a rash decision. Think about your options carefully, put all factors into consideration and then make an informed choice.

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