Kenyatta University 42nd Graduation List and Ceremony: August 2017

Kenyatta University will be celebrating its 42nd Graduation Ceremony on 4th August 2017. for all candidates who will qualify during the 2017/2018 Academic Year for the conferment of various degrees and the award of diplomas and certificates.

Provisional Graduation List

Download provisional graduation list here: PROVISIONAL LIST

kenyatta university 42nd graduation ceremony and graduation list 2017
Kenyatta University 42nd graduation ceremony application to be included in graduation list 2017/Photo

The candidates are supposed to apply to be included in the graduation list. Downloaded the graduation form in this page. The form is to be filled in Quadruplicate – original to the Registrar (Academic), 1st copy to Dean of School, 2nd copy to Student Finance and 3rd copy to be retained by the applicant)

Graduation form filling Notice

Please note that the following irregularities are prohibited and will lead to disqualification and further disciplinary action against the applicants involved:-


  • Claiming for marks in a unit or units not validly registered in the Semester they were taken.
  • Applying for graduation when one had not completed their studies by the Semester and Academic Year stipulated for the August 2017 graduation- i.e. Regular, Institutional-Based and Digital School students who have already completed their studies or will have done so by the end of May, 2017.
  • Applying for graduation when one is either on suspension or has been discontinued.
  • Applying for graduation when one has more than one retake (for undergraduates) or a supplementary (for postgraduates).
  • Giving false information in this graduation application form.

NOTE:   (1) The schools of Education, Engineering and Medicine do not allow graduation with a retake in any of their Schools’ units.

  • Those wishing to graduate with one retake (where applicable) must apply to do so to the Registrar (Academic) by  28th  April, 2017.
  • All applicants must confirm with Student Finance that they have no fees balances by 10th July, 2017 to ensure they will be included in the final graduation list.

Provisional Graduation List

Download provisional graduation list here: PROVISIONAL LIST

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