Kenya Power New Revised Tariff Rates, 2018 KPLC Token Charges, Electricity pricing

Kenya Power and Lightening Company 2018 new revised tariff rates . Get to know of KPLC electricity token charges and bill pricing or calculation in Kshs. The New revised tariffs were announced on July 30th, 2018 by the Energy Regularity Commission (ERC).  (UPDATE: Unit prices were again revised on November 2018)

Erc CEO Pavel Oimeke on revised Kenya power tariffs 2018 and kplc tokens pricing
Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) CEO Pavel Oimeke speaks on the new Kenya power tariffs that will take effect on date 1st august 2018/Photo

1st November 2018 Update on Units Charges

As at 1st November 2018 KPLC again Revised The Tariff Rates and reduced the prices. A conversation on fb from Customers clearly confirms that the new tariffs are more cheaper. With Ksh. 500 you are supposed to get 33 units compared to the old tariff which could give you 22 units.

What the 2018 New Electricity Tariffs addresses

  • Reduction in tariffs: They have given a 6.9% across an average cost of power.
  • Standing Power Charges:  Standing charge tariff has been removed. All the consumers money will go towards the purchase of energy unit.
  • Standardization of Tariff: Some traffic categories like interruptible have been removed.
  • Manufactures: There was an average reduction of about 4.4% on power tariff. But they retained the time of use tariff so that manufacturers can still be able to produce beyond at 50% after peak.

The way the new power tariffs have been designed is that the more you consume the more the discount. This means that the high consumers will gain more from the new tariff.

The new Kenya power tariff rates will take effect on date1st August 2018.

Table and ERC statement on New Kenya Power Tariffs rates of 2018

The proposed electricity tariff structure for the review period is intended to be cost reflective, efficient and sustainable. The existing base non-fuel retail tariffs are proposed to be adjusted as shown in table below.

Table of on New Kenya Power Tariffs rates of 2018 and kpl tokens prices
Table of on New Kenya Power Tariffs rates of 2018 and kpl tokens prices/Photo


Kenya Power and Lightening Company (KPLC) Contact info

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