Islamic Religious Education (IRE) Notes for Form 1, 2, 3 and 4 (pdf)

Secondary or high school Islamic Religious Education (IRE) (314) notes to help students prepare for KNEC KCSE exams for form 4 or end of term exams for form 1, 2 and 3.

pdf Islamic Religious Education (IRE) Notes for Form 1, 2, 3 and 4, download for KCSE 314
pdf Islamic Religious Education (IRE) Notes for Form 1, 2, 3 and 4, download online and prepare for KCSE IRE 314/Photo

Summary of  Islam (understating Islamic Religious Education

Islam is the second largest religion in the world with over 1.5 billion  followers.

Most Muslims will consider themselves as either Shiah or Sunni. Islam

The most sacred text or book for Muslims is the Holy Quran which Muslims believe is the direct Word of God as revealed to Muhammad through the angel Gabriel.

For Muslims the most important prophet  is Muhammad.

In order to understand what Muslim life it’s important to think about the five pillars of Islam which is an aspiration that most Muslims around the world have.

Five Pillars of Islam

Below are five pillars of Islam

  1. Shahada or the recitation:  The Faith that there is no god but God and Muhammad is His Prophet
  2. Salat: Prayer five times a day facing Mecca the holiest of Muslim sites
  3. Zakat: Giving to the poor certain percentage of your earnings every year
  4. Ramadan: Fasting during the holy month.
  5. Hajji: The aspiration to undertake a journey to Mecca at least once in a lifetime.

What you will learn about Islamic Religious Education (IRE)

Here is a summary of what IRE notes are all about and definition of terms;

  • Islamic Religious Education (IRE) subject is taught in some primary and secondary schools in Kenya. The teachings are all about the Islamic religion.
  • Islam: the religion
  • Allah: The Arabic word for God.
  • Muslim: Someone who follows Islam more like a Christian
  • Muhammad: The originator of Islam
  • Mosque: The Holy building or place where Muslims worship. For Chritians it is Church
  • Imam: Islam leader.
  • Quran: The most sacred book for Muslims. For Christians it is a bible.
  • Salat: a prayer that muslims make five times a day
  • Dua: Personal Prayer
  • Kalima: Muslim Faith
  • Wadu: Washing before prayer
  • Ramadan: Fasting period
  • Hajji: Annual journey to Mecca as explained above
  • Hijab: A covering wrap worn by Muslim Women.
  • Isa: Prophet Jesus. The one chritians worship.
  • Shiah: Muslim who have faith that Ali should have succeeded Muhammad
  • Sunni: Muslims who have faith that Abu Bakr should have succeeded Muhammad

Islamic Religious Education (IRE) Notes for secondary schools in Kenya (pdf)

The following IRE notes are available for download;

  • Form 1 IRE notes pdf
  • Form 2 IRE notes  pdf
  • Form 3 IRE notes  pdf
  • Form 4 IRE notes  pdf

The notes can be downloaded from notes page

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