Insecurity in Nairobi: What to Do In Case You Are Mugged

In this earlier article, we reviewed some ways you can employ to avoid being mugged.   Unfortunately, you may fall victim to muggers despite best efforts to stay safe. If such an eventuality finds you, there are some behavioural interventions you can employ to avoid fatal injuries or recover stolen property.


Nairobi CBD mugging

Sometimes you may get mugged despite best efforts to stay safe


Call for Attention

Should you see muggers approach and there is nowhere to run, attract the attention of people who can help.

Scream or shout as loud as you can. Screaming may also scare petty criminals to leave you alone.

In case you are already cornered and screaming can’t help, you’re better off staying quiet and cooperating with the assailants.


While every part of your body will want resist being robbed, the best thing to do when you are subdued is to cooperate to avoid grievous harm.

No property is worth losing your life. Let the attackers take whatever they want and set you free.


After the ordeal, it is advisable to report the incident at the nearest police station.

This is especially helpful in helping start the process of tracking down the culprits and recovering property (in case they are apprehended.

Reporting is also helpful in getting specialized medical attention (such as during the unfortunate eventuality of rape).

Get medical attention

Visit the nearest medical centre to get checked in case of assault. During the attack your body may go into shock; making you oblivious to serious harm.

This is why it is advisable to get medical attention even when you think/feel you are not seriously harmed.

Block Financial and other sensitive info.

Contact your financial and other institutions and ask them to block credit/debit/access cards etc, to bar unauthorised access to private and sensitive information.

You will need to visit your service provider as soon as possible to have them block your SIM card and replace it with a new one.

Reset passwords

You may also need to reset passwords to online accounts in case nefarious individuals try to access these accounts via your stolen phone or laptop.

Talk to Someone

the mugging experience may not only be physical but also mentally disturbing.

It is therefore advisable to talk to someone (a professional counsellor or someone close) about the experience.

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This will help you come into terms with what’s happened, deal with feeling of guilt and/or generally help lift the burden off your chest.

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