How to Tembea Kenya on a low budget: Affordable Safari Guide

Going on a safari is not a joke, especially if you are young and broke! There are too many things to be paid, fares, entry fees, foods; basically, so much financial and emotional economy needed. Yet, Kenya is one of those places you can travel for as little as five hundred shillings. Of course, this is determined by where you are, and of course, if you are willing to put in some skin, you are definitely more likely to enjoy the visit, but hey, say there isn’t anything for you to invest, do you then bum on Game of Thrones and give up on your Tembea Kenya dreams? Short answer; no- not unless you want to!

How to Tembea Kenya on a low budget Affordable Safari
How to Tembea Kenya on a low budget Affordable Safari/Photo Source


Here are a few hacks to help in your endeavor:

Find places within your budget

There are many things to see. If you are into culture, places like the Bomas of Kenya and many museums in Nairobi cost a maximum of 250 Kshs. A nature sight seer could enjoy places like Nairobi National park, Giraffe Centre or the likes at a maximum of 500 Kshs. If the worst comes to, Arboretum is free!

The options only increase as you move outside of Nairobi. I mean, Machakos people park, the Rift, and all its glories, Mombasa; the list is really long.

Here is a tip: If you do not know these places, use resources such as Facebook or Instagram, you are more than likely to find recommendations by people like you who have been to those places.

Go in the off-seasons

If, for example, you have been yearning to go to the coast, a good time to enjoy the place would be somewhere between February and October when the hype is not as much. This way, you can enjoy less crowded facilities at cheaper prices.

Groups cost cheaper

Not in all cases, but in most cases, it is cheaper to go as a group because you get group discounts than it is to go alone. It is fun too, I’d say.

Carry your own snacks and water

Needless to say, one way to cut your spending costs while traveling is to pack a snack.

Book in advance

Some facilities have a cheaper entrance fee if you book in advance as opposed to paying at the gate. It is important to do due diligence and find out where exactly you can save a buck.

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