Google Audiobooks now Available for Android, iOS and Google Home

Google has waded into the audiobooks niche with the launch of a new audiobook store as part of its Google Play Books service.

Google Audiobooks now Available for Android, iOS and Google Home

Google Audiobooks is available on Android, iOS and Google Home. Image: Google



While Google Play Books has been around for quite some time, it did not have the audio feature. According Greg Hartrell, it’s head of product management, Google Play Books has over 5 million ebooks in 75 countries.


It is therefore feels only natural that Google Play Books had to progress to include audiobooks; a product development move set to ensure revenue maximization.

Customers can purchase audiobooks via the Google Play Books apps for Android and on the web. The service is also available on Google Home speakers, Chromecast and on the iOS platform.

Compatibility across the board means that users can just pick from where they left, irrespective of device.

The service is also integrated with Google assistant, meaning customers can give voice instructions and their phone or speaker (Google Home) can start playing the requested title.

Available languages

The audiobook service will be in nine languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Polish, Korean and Japanese.

Regions available

It will be available in North & South America, most of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, India and some Asian countries.

Pricing is also competitive given most popular titles are retailing for below $10.

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Google is set to shake up the space that has long been the preserve of Audible; Amazon’s audiobook service.

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