Fibre to Home: Safaricom Unlimited Internet Data Bundles, how to buy

Safaricom Kenya has Launched the Fibre to home Wifi, a service that offers Unlimited Internet (no use of Data Bundles). The Fibre to Home Saf internet packages are still on expansion and are available in limited locations. Learn below how to purchase, speed, plans and how to get connected in your home.

Fibre to Home Safaricom Unlimited Internet Data Bundles, how to buy
Fibre to Home Safaricom Unlimited Internet Data Bundles, how to buy or subscribe and locations/Photo

Safaricom Unlimited Internet:  Fibre to home Wifi

The unlimited Saf Internet allows you to have fast, reliable and unlimited internet access in your home.

Fibre to Home Unlimited Internet plans: Prices and Speed


  • Bronze: speed, 5 MBPS -Cost ksh 2,499 (monthly renewal)
  • Silver: speed, 10 MBPS -Cost ksh 3,499 (monthly renewal)
  • Gold: speed, 20 MBPS -Cost ksh 4,499 (per month )
  • Platinum: speed, 40 MBPS -Cost ksh 9,499 (per month)


How to get started

To get started with Fibre to Home Safaricom unlimited bundle send the word FIBRE with your location to sms code 400. For instance, (FIBRE, KASARANI to 400). Some few minutes after sending the sms, Safaricom will call you  and ask for some information about your specific location.


How to pay for Fibre to Home Internet

After you have been fully registered and subscribed to the  Fibre to Home Unlimited Internet, you will be required to be renewing your plans monthly. Below is how to go about it;

  • Dial *855# from your Safaricom line
  • Enter Safaricom service pin
  • Enter your the next required details
  • Confirm that payment has been made from your M-PESA accounts

Requirements to get connected to Safaricom Fibre to Home Internet

  • Filled application form
  • Copy of ID or valid passport
  • Customer Account No. issued by Safaricom
  • Payment Confirmation

Question and Answer about Fibre to Home Internet

Is there a limit on data bundles usage?

  • Safaricom: NO, No data bundle involved. The Wifi is unlimited

Is the speed consistent through out the month?

  • Safaricom: The speed is consistently constant

Is the service available countrywide or in specific towns?

  • Safaricom: installation is free and service is only for selected locations at the moment.

Will i need a router?

  • Safaricom: The router will be provided for free by safaricom

Is it dedicated?

  • Safaricom: It’s shared

Which locations are the services available

  • To check location, sms FIBRE with your location to sms code 400. For instance, (FIBRE, KASARANI to 400). Safaricom fibre home team will call you for more info.


Safaricom Help contacts

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