Elementor Experts website shutdown

Elementor Experts Network Website to Shutdown



Elementor has announced that it will shut down one of its platforms, the Elementor Experts Network website, on October 20, 2023. The Elementor Experts Network was established as a dedicated platform to facilitate collaboration between Elementor professionals and potential clients.

Launched in March 2020, the website (experts.elementor.com) served as a valuable resource for Elementor experts to showcase their skills, portfolios, and expertise. It provided a platform where businesses and individuals seeking Elementor-related services could browse through profiles and hire skilled professionals for their website projects. Whether it was web designers, developers, or other specialists well-versed in Elementor, Elementor Expert aimed to bridge the gap between talent and demand within the Elementor ecosystem.

The decision to shut down the Elementor Experts Network raises questions about Elementor’s future. There have been discussions going on social media that WordPress’s transition to Full Site Editing (FSE) and Block Themes has had a negative impact on the growth of Elementor.

The Elementor Experts platform has also been in beta since it was launched which means Elementor decided to retire it before release.

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