How to Choose the Best Essay Writing Company: the Basic Points to Check

Whether you are a student, a professor or just an active Internet user, you must have heard about essay writing business. The industry worth more than 100 million pounds just cannot remain unnoticed. According to the statistics provided by the two biggest UK essay mills, they annually process over 20 000 orders! But should we applaud it? Definitely, no!

Guide to choosing the best essay writing companies
Guide to choosing the best essay writing companies/Photo Source

No one doubts custom essay writing is cheating, but why does it happen? Why students buy essays, risking their reputation, instead of thoroughly studying the material? Finally, is there a chance to enter a top university solely by your own efforts?

To Buy or Not to Buy?
Let’s start with the ethical side of the problem. Being a conscious student (we hope you are), you’ll definitely consider the ethics of paying someone, for example, buzz essay, for the work that should be done by no one but you. Can cheating be justified? What about the following:

  • Engagement in many essential activities at the same time (for example, volunteering).
  • Part-time or even full-time occupation.
  • Personal problems, including problems with health.
  • Insufficient grasp of English. Do you believe non-native speakers have any chances to outperform natives in their best essay?

If you fall into one of these three categories, you have no other choice except to seek help from a third-party. After all, you do it only for one time and just to get that lucky ticket. However, custom essay writing services can also provide thesis help, research, proofread and edit, ensure references, citations, formatting, etc.

How to Hit the Bull’s Eye: Typical Essay Writing Problems
Alas, not all essay writing services are equally good. Some are just scum companies disappearing once they get their first order.
Not to lay an egg, consider the following issues that may arise with unreliable services:

  • Too high or inadequate price. That’s a bit tricky. From one side, if you’re not going to use essay services on a constant basis (for example, you need help with an admission essay), it’s unlikely you will try to save. Naturally, you will seek for professional writers. And that’s the loophole that fraudsters can use. To protect yourself, pay only after a thorough study of the website and personal conversation with the future performer.
  • Poor customer service. Reliable companies offer clients the opportunity to live chat to solve any arising issues in a blink of an eye. An email response should be quick as well. You can check it. Send a request and track the time of response. Among other customer perks pay attention to the moneyback option. Although money won’t be worthy compensation for the exam failure, it must be included in the contract.
  • Lack of contact with the performer. The crucial thing is that you should have the opportunity to stay in touch with the chosen writer. Only the direct contact and constant cooperation make it possible to make complete an essay according to the rough standards set by the professor or university. Most likely, you’ll have questions at every stage of the project, and they all should be answered by the writer to ensure your calmness and tranquility.
  • Plagiarism. Naturally, the first thing that all colleges and universities do is checking the paper for plagiarism. You have zero chance if the paper if plagiarized. That’s why reliable essay companies never allow their writers to leave even 1% of the unoriginal text.
Choosing the best online essay writing servic
Choosing the best online essay writing service/Photo Source

How to Choose the Best Essay Writing Company: the Basic Points to Check

1).  Cheap Doesn’t Mean You Will Save
99% of cheap essay writing services provide either poor-quality or plagiarized papers. The cheapest essay won’t necessarily be the worst one, but it will be not as good as you expect, be sure. Forget about buckshee essays within hours! “Best free essay websites” are not something that will work for you! No matter how experienced and professional the writer is, a high-quality essay requires time and effort.
2.) Check the Writing Style
Even the biggest essay mills may not provide all types of essay help.

  • Just look at the range of essays: analytical, argumentative, cause-and-effect, classification, compare-and-contrast, comparison, critical, deductive, definition, descriptive, evaluating, exploratory, expository, informal, informative, illustrative, interpretive, interview, literature, narrative, observation, personal, process, reaction, reflective, response, scholarship, etc!

If you need, for example, an informal essay with a somehow changed writing style, make sure the companies does provide this kind of service. Ideally, ask for a few examples.
Another issue that may arise is the discrepancy of the essay style with your previous work. To avoid this inconsistency, make sure the writer matches your personal writing style. Mistakes are allowable, especially if you’re a non-native speaker.
3). Customer Service and Guarantees
Any worthy essay mill must meet the next criteria:

  • Keep an open line of communication.
  • Do free revisions (if the customer is dissatisfied with the paper).
  • Ensure round-the-clock customer support.
  • Have Ph.D.- and Master-level writers onboard.
  • Provide a free-of-charge plagiarism report.

I hope the tips above will simplify your student’s life. I wish you find a right balance between studying, hobbies, friends, job and personal life. Finding a reliable essay company is not easy, but it’s easier than writing a godlike essay without preliminary preparation.


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