The cheapest hairstyles in Kenya

With the hard economic times, people are always on the lookout for cheaper alternatives to their daily lifestyles. So if you have been searching for cheaper but yet beautifully crafted hairstyles, here is a list you could select from;



Short hairstyles


There are plenty of cheap short hairstyles that could really pull an awesome look. You can decide to have that exquisite haircut you have been so anticipating or grow an afro. You can even decide to apply a blow-out that will give your hair that beautiful curly look or you could simply keep it short and highlight it with some hair color. Short dreads are also easy to maintain. You can even wax yourself at home with the help of YouTube videos. Whichever the case, you will look good and spend less.


Braided hairstyles

There are plenty of cheap braided hairstyles that you could really use. However, you could consider going simple on this as the more complicated a style is, the more expensive it becomes. You can select from backward/center/side head braided lines or simple box braids.


Straightened/Relaxed hairstyles

For straightened hair with a relaxer you really don’t need a lot of cash. All you need is good relaxing products and a good stylist. After your hair has been relaxed, you can always decide to have it styled the way you want. The only thing you will need to do is to get your hair treatment right and basically take care of i from wetness. You can pull this hairstyle for a couple of months and still look beautiful.

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Wig/weave hairstyles

As much as weaves and wigs are always assumed to be expensive, there are quite a number of cheap ones found at local markets and retail outlets. The advantage with these ones is the fact that they can be worn more than once. So in real sense they are cost effective. Wigs be washed and worn for a long period of time. Besides they come in handy on bad hair days.

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