Best Holiday Destinations in Eldoret: Places to visit and have fun

Places to visit in Home of champions: Eldoret is a cool place in Kenya where farming is the main and most popular economic activity. Eldoret is of course known for producing outstanding athletes globally. Let’s see great places to visit in Eldoret this December.

Best Holiday Destinations in Eldoret, Places to visit and have fun
Best Holiday Destinations in Eldoret, Places to visit and have fun/Photo of Naberia Resort


  1. Poa Place Resort

This is a great place to visit with family, friends, groups and even for an individual visit. It is more than just a resort. Apart from offering spacious food and accommodation, it has calm parks made of beautiful flowers, lawns, ponds and trees.

One can therefore take peaceful nature walks and even time alone comfortably within the parks. The resort is really one of its own kind.


  1. The Nobel Conference Centre

It’s a perfect place to hold a conference where quite a number of people attend. It offers good accommodation  as well.


  1. Twiga Resort

The place began as a training centre for athletes and has now grown into a local resort. It’s cool and pretty comfortable for both domestic and international tourists.

  1. Eldoret Club

Although it is a private one, other members of the public can are allowed to access the club’s facilities and accommodation at a fee. It is well maintained and classy.


  1. Boma Inn

As the Swahili name ‘Boma’ suggests, the inn has a unique African-oriented architectural design which has been nicely enhanced with modern building materials and structure. It offers spacious food accommodation.


  1. Samich Resort

Learn more about Samich resort in this page


  1. Naiberi River campsite and resort


More information about Naiberi Campsite is available in this page

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A visit to Eldoret gives a rare opportunity to taste the awesomeness of a calm place. Pay a visit to Eldi and you’ll love it there.

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