How to benefit from leadership in campus

The notion that campus leaders waste time while carrying out their duties is misplaced. The reality is that campus leadership is a platform of gain both to the leaders and the ones being led.

Other misconceptions on campus leadership are association with corruption, hooliganism, rebellion, arrogance and incompetency. Yes, an individual or two may have been associated with those but you see, every market has a mad man. Now let’s spot the juicy fruits of campus leadership.


Once a leader, always a leader. Make it your platform of gaining experience such that by the time you land in your career field, you can confidently site positive attributes you’ve acquired by virtue of being in that position.


Social network is an important factor in life. Utilize all legal possibilities to meet people you wish to; as far as your position can provide for.

Needless to say, you can meet mentors, employees, spouses, mentees, name them


Service to others does not mean neglect to self. Build yourself by having first hand access to new, rare and other types of facilities and resources.

This will capacitate you for both now in your service and permanently as an individual.


Leadership is a shield for the people you serve. Hold it properly for them and gratitude will fill their hearts. It is only fair to give your best and fill the gaps you longed to see filled before you were in that position. That will not only bring you in individual contentment but it will also earn you trust and confidence from the people under you.


More often than not, there is always an appreciation that goes to your wallet or purse. In better terms, you will be earning in campus.

What if you are not a leader or you don’t wish to become one?

  • You have a right to be served by the leadership. Do not hesitate to seek help, guidance and clarification from your leaders.
  • Even if you are the only one with a grievance, have them address it as long as it is in their line of duty.
  • Let the leaders help you create relevant career networks. Get that access through them
  • Lastly, think of becoming one!
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Leadership is a precious gift we attain by virtue of the hierarchical beauty of our environment. It is indeed a treasure which every society member can find. Campus leadership is not an exception of this.

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