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What are the benefits of studying Business Studies?

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Benefits of studying Business Studies include;

  • Equips individuals with skill and knowledge to manage business.
  • Prepares him for future career.
  • Enables one to relates issues affecting business/ problems to its environment.
  • Enables one to relate issues affecting business activities taking place globally.
  • Enables one to identity business opportunities to venture.
  • Prepares one for further studies.
  • Enables him to think critically and make sound judgement.
  • Enables an individual to appreciate the role of government in business.
  •  Makes an individual be disciplined and have positive attitude towards work.
  • Enables an individual to appreciate and take care of environment.
  • Appreciate the role of technology in the county
  • Enables him to evaluate business performance.
  • Enables him to learn other subjects.
  • Enhance cooperation for members of a society.

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