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What are the benefits of Perkerra irrigation scheme to the Kenyan economy?

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Benefits of Perkerra irrigation scheme to the Kenyan economy include;

  • Offers employment opportunities to many people in the farm/mills earning them income hence improving their living standard.
  • Increased food production - The scheme contributes to the bulk of Kenya's rice thus saving some foreign exchange that would have otherwise been used to import rice.
  • Settlement - The scheme has provided land fore settling the landless who lacked farms before.
  • Successful control of floods that were a menace before through construction of dams/reservoirs.
  • Led to effective use of land that was initially barren hence enhancing food security and eradicating poverty.
  • Creation of amenities such as schools, churches, hospitals that have been provided thus improving the living standards.
  • Infrastructural improvement as roads have been built linking the farms to the markets Which have in turn opened up the otherwise remote areas for development.

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