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Dear Sir/Madam:

I just want to know the age requirement for PwC trainee program, is 30 years old too old to apply?

Thank you

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To participate in  PWC Gradate trainee programme, you must have finished not more than one year after graduation. Graduation time is considered not age.
Sorry, just to clarify, I am asking for the trainee program, which is only for student in their first year study, not the graduate program. Cheers
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Sorry for the confusion, there is still no age requirement for the trainee program. You are only required to be in:

First year (for a 3 year degree)
Second year (for a 4 year degree)
Third Year (for a 5 year degree)
thank you so much for your reply, and just one more question, does online degree matters? I am studying a 3 year full-time online degree, I can still apply, right?

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