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Why is devolved government in Kenya very important?

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Reasons why devolved government in Kenya is very important include;

  • To distribute authority over public goods and revenue hence making it difficult for individuals and groups of officials to collude and engage in corruption 
  • It fosters effective co-operation within the devolved units, particularly where devolution of authority takes place along territorial and communal lines therefore local communities are able to mobilize social pressure against corruption 
  • It provides goods and services whose consumption is limited to their own areas. 
  • It has the ability to promote gender efficiency in public services and allocating resources 
  • Encourages innovation in the delivery of services as people have a greater incentive to take part in aspects of community 
  • It becomes sensitive to regional variations 
  • Provides an effective governance frame work for advancing policies to help the poor and therefore elevates poverty in society. 

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