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Which hospital or doctor would you recommend for endoscopy in Nairobi?

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Some of the best doctors that you should consider for endoscopy in Nairobi include;

  • Dr. Stephen Mbugua Kairu (Gastroenterologist): Green house Adams arcade, suite 19, contact 0722524328 or 073644338 (most recommended)
  • Dr. Edna Kamau (Gastroenterologist): Fortis Suites; Contact 0716 606 362 or 0701 114 094
  • Dr.Thomas Mutie (gastroenterologist): Nairobi Hospital, Doctors Plaza, +254 717 967 285 or +254 782 934 007
  • Dr. Lodenyo (Gastroenterologist): Nelson Awori plaza; Contacts 0722-621-052

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