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I am looking for recommendations of the best Neurologist in Nairobi

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The best neurologists in Nairobi, Kenya can be found either in Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) or Aga Khan University Hospital. The most recommended ones include;

  • Dr. Ndege Kinoti; Neurologist; Fortis Suite, Hospital Road, Nairobi; 0722 317699 or +254705700000 (most recommended)
  • Dr Dilraj Singh Sokhi; Neurologist; Aga Khan University Hospital; 0721 405 057 or 0709 931 487
  • Dr Juzar Hooker; Neurologist; Aga Khan University Hospital; 020 3744256
  • Dr Silvanus Wabwire; Neurologist; Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH);
  • Dr Reuben Lubanga; Neurosurgeon: 0743 523 252
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