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Kiswahili Language Activities Grade Two textbooks for learners.

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Kiswahili Language Activities Grade 2 CBC textbooks approved by KICD for Kiswahili learners and teachers include;

  • Kiswahili Angaza Grade 2 by EAEP Publishers: Price (Ksh. 435)

  • Nyota ya Kiswahili by JKF Publishers: Price (Ksh. 300).

  • Stadi za Kiswahili Kitabu cha mwanafunzi by Moran Publishers: Price (Ksh. 245) 

  • Kiswahili Dadisi Mazoezi ya Lugha by Oxford University Press Publishers: Price (Ksh. 220)

  • Kurunzi Ya Kiswahili by Spotlight Publishers: Price (Ksh. 250)

  • Kielekezi cha Kiswahili by Mentor Publishers: Price (Ksh. 260)


Where to buy Kiswahili Grade 2 Books.