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What are the responsibilities of a County Government in Kenya?

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Responsibilities of a County Government in Kenya include;

  • Development of agriculture i.e crop and animal husbandry.
  • Development of fisheries through regulation of fishing and fishing activities/promotion of fish farming.
  • Provision of health services through construction of health facilities, provision of ambulances services and promotion of health care.
  • Regulation of cultural activities through promotion of theatre groups and licensing of betting casinos. 
  • Ensuring animal control and welfare e.g licensing dogs 
  • Regulation of county public works and services like water and sanitization.
  • Environmental management through air, water and noise pollution.
  • Development and management of county transport through construction of roads, ferries and harbors.
  • Promotion of public health through provision of refuse removal , solid waste removal and cemeteries.
  • Regulation and development of trading activities through provision of trading licenses.

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