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What are the challenges facing the county government in Kenya? 

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Challenges facing the county government in Kenya include;

  • How to evenly distribute the resources they have within the county.
  • Inadequate finances
  • Cross county planning and development of some resources e.g water, roads 
  • Need for retraining of government workers.
  • Transfer of functions from the national government to county government
  • Structural overlaps/overlaps of functions with the national government
  • Policy and legal gaps
  • Some counties are not well endowed with resources.
  • Tribal interests in making appointments
  • Lack of full anatomy as their operations can be stopped by the national government
  • Corruption and mismanagement of developed funds
  • Impeachment threats by members of county assembly.
  • Increase in natural calamities
  • Leadership wrangles
  • Delay in remittance of funds by the national government

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