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Good morning,

How can i get my daughters father compelled to assist in raising the child financially?She is 3.5 years old and it has been a nightmare for me since i cant solelry be able to meet the financial obligtions .He supports in whatever way he feels like.At times,he can give 5k a month,at times even 1,500.He enrolled the child to a school i cant afford,paid 1st term very well,second term half now third term he hasnt paid.I keep getting calls from school and i dont know what to tell them.He knows my financial strength ( shared my payslip with him),yet he has basically left me to do everything.

I dont want to extort anyone,all i want is a hand to bring her up before i drown in all the debts i keep taking to make ends meet.

I will really appreciate your help.



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There are several options you can explore. One is to report the matter to the children's office in your county. They will get in touch with the children's father and try to get into an agreement on how much he will be contributing. If that does not work, then the next option is to file for child support. 

You can check this answer by Advocate Erick which explains how to file for child support.

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