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I understand that there is a law called the Landlord and Tenant Bill of 2007 that created a Landlord and Tenant Tribunal to handle disputes ... but I don't find this tribunal discussed anywhere and I have no idea how to gain access to it.

The Owner of my place wants to sell it to a developer who does not want me to stay.  I have a lease that is hard to break so I want to  fight it.   Thx

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You can visit the Rent Tribunal offices. They are located in Cresent House next to family bank towers, Moktar Daddah Street (close to Jevanjee Gardens).

The process at the rent tribunal sittings are transparent, but you must have all you facts right. You should also present your agreement letters.

If you win the case the tribunal may award you charges or reinstate your tenancy.

Read more about the The Landloard and Tenant Bill:

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OK thanks ... I was told that the rent tribunal only handles case where the rent is below 2,500.  
That is why I was asking about the Landlord Tenant Tribunal which is supposed to handle cases with bigger rents.  Maybe the tribunals are now merged ... ??

I hope we can just represent ourselves and not have to get a lawyer :(

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