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My Landlord sent an e-mail with an eviction notice and said that a copy would come via registered mail, but I haven't received anything for more than a couple weeks.  I am wondering if the Notice has legally been delivered, as the clock would then be ticking and the timeline getting shorter. :(

Does anyone know what the law says regarding delivery of legal notices?

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The law does not clearly state whether an eviction notice should be delivered in hard copy (print) or soft copy (digital).  However, the law states that  the the eviction notice should be signed by the person giving the notice.

Visit the Rent Tribunal office for clarification on the same.

OK thanks again ... I also was told that my 2-year lease (with a 2-year extension) was supposed to be registered and that the court may not even look at it since it isn't registered.

Do you think the Rent Tribunal folks would also deal with registration and stamping of a lease?  At least they'd probably be able to point me in the right direction.

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