Ajira Digital Kenya: How to join, enroll, train and work online while studying

Ajira Digital is a government of Kenya programme launched by the Ministry of Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru that is geared towards enhancing youth employment in Kenya through online jobs. Ajira Kenya offers basic training on how to make money online in Kenya from the comfort of your room.

Ajira Kenya Digital Class Training in progress. Enrolled students leaning on how to make money online
Ajira Kenya Digital Class Training in progress. Enrolled students leaning on how to make money online/Photo



How to Join Ajira Digital Kenya for trainings

Ajira Kenya carries out ongoing training, mentorship and offers guidance on how to work online in Kenya. Spaces are limited so you have to book early. Trainings are offered on a first come, first served basis.

  1. To Register for Ajira training visit official Ajira Digital website and click: Enroll
  2. Create and Account to login
  3. Complete your profile information
  4. Book your training session
  5. Select the County and Training center that is nearest to you
  6. Then Click on Continue
  7. Select the class you are interested in attending (check the start and end dates). You only required to book one Ajiral Digital class at a time.
  8. Then Book
  9. You will receive an email with your booking information
  10. Print the details as you will need to present them in order to be allowed to attend any training sessions.

After registration, you will be notified via email when Ajira raining sessions are available in your County.


Question and Answers about Ajira Digital in Kenya

How Long does Ajira Digital Training take?

Answer: The training takes one week and you will receive a certificate after training.

What is the location of the Ajira Digital Training

Answer: When registering, you will be required to indicate the training centers that is near your location.

What is the fee/charges/cost of training?

Answer: Ajira Digital training is free. You will however cater for your transport to and from. Meals and accommodation are free so you don’t have to be worried if you live far from the location of training.

What are the qualification of joining the Ajira Kenya Digital training?

Answer: No much requirements like certificates. What is needed is  just basic computer skills, internet connection and a laptop/pc.

What does the Ajira email “i am on the waiting list” mean?

Answer: Be patient, as there are no spaces available for training. You will be notified when spaces are available

NOTE: Remember to carry your Laptop and other training accessories that you may need.

Ajira Digital Kenya, How to join, enroll, train and work online Kenya/Photo

Ajira Digital Contact Details


  • Ajira Digital Contact location: 10th Floor, Teleposta Towers, 29 Kenyatta Ave, Nairobi
  • Ajira Digital email: ajira@ict.go.ke
  • Ajira Digital official mobile phone contacts: +254 20 4920000/1
  • Ajira Digital on twitter: @AjiraDigital
  • Ajira Digital Facebook: Ajira Digital
  • Ajira Digital official website link: https://ajiradigital.go.ke

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