Best Secondary Schools in Tharakanithi County

Tharakanithi county is home to some of the best performing secondary schools in KCSE like kiini secondary school, etc. What follows is a list of the top secondary schools in Tharakanithi according to their KCSE mean grade score.

Ranking Criteria: The criteria used to rank the best secondary schools in Tharakanithi County is KCSE mean grade score published by the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC).

Top Secondary Schools in Tharakanithi County (ranking table)

Rank School Name School Code County Mean Grade

Source of data: KNEC

* A Mean grade below 1 means that some students did not sit for exams or results for some students were cancelled.

* To add your school or update results with the latest, send us your full KCSE results via email

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