How to add a school

Adding a school to Kenyayote Schools directory.

Schools on this page are added by alumni, students, teachers, parents, Kenyayote Staff, and people like you. We are trying to build a reliable and up-to-date directory of schools in Kenya supported by people like you.

Let people know...

  • About your school.
  • How to contact your school
  • Where your school is located
  • Studies your school offers

From Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, TVET, and Colleges to Universities.

How to add your school

Before you add your school, use the search button to find out whether your school has already been published. Duplicate submissions will not be accepted. If your school is not available, use the procedure below to add it.

  • Register for an account or log in if you have an account
  • Click Add School button
  • Add School Details (under the free plan)
  • A form will load that you are required to fill
  • Provide all the required school information. Your school logo or photo should be in PNG format.
  • After completing filling out the form click the submit form button.
  • If the form is successfully submitted, it will be reviewed and approved or rejected.

Example: Starehe Boys CenterUniversity of Nairobi

 NOTE: School details can be edited in the future by the person who submitted it or our editorial staff. 

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