Top 13 Shipping Companies and Agents Websites in Kenya

13 top shipping companies and agents sites in Kenya that you can use to ship products from United States, China, UK, South Africa, etc. You can buy products bulk at an affordable price from eCommerce sites like Amazon, Alibaba, Aliexpress, eBay, etc., and ship them to Nairobi using companies.

1. is a website for Kentex Cargo. It offers shipping of products from the USA to Kenya through air and ocean.

2. is a website for Savo Store. Savostore offers shipping of products from the United States to Nairobi within 7 to 15 business days. It is ideal for both small and bulk product shipping.

3. is a website for MSC (Mediterranean Shipping Company) Cargo. It is one of the best container shipping companies globally. If you want to import products in bulk to Kenya via Ocean or sea then Mediterranean shipping company is the recommended option. They also provide cargo insurance.

4. is a website for Zigofly Kenya Limited. It offers shipping of products from the United States and the UK. Zigofly is one of the most affordable shipping companies in Kenya.

5. is a website for ASCC (African Salihiya Cargo and Clearing) Logistics. It offers air, sea, and road freight services. ASCC Logistics has offices in the United States, Canada, United, China, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, e.t.c.

6. is a website for Rolling Cargo. Rolling Cargo offers cost-effective air and sea freight services.

7. is a website for StatesDuka. If you want to buy products from eCommerce sites like Amazon, Walmart, Target, BestBuy, etc, and ship to Nairobi, then StatesDuka is the right choice.

8. is a website for Air Cargo Global Kenya. It is ideal for both personal and business products shipping to Kenya. Shop online from shops like Amazon, eBay, etc, and get them shipped to Kenya by air.

9. is a website for Nurex Cargo and Clearing. It offers professional packaging, sea and air freight, road transport, and Multi-Modal Freight.

10. is a website for Salama Cargo. It offers sea and air freight services. You can move and ship products from China, Dubai, India, turkey, Istanbul, e.t.c

11. is a website for Saharan Cargo and Clearing Limited. They have the best rates for transporting goods by sea or air to from all over the world to Kenya.

12. is a website for Kenzo Cargo Limited. With Kenzo Cargo you can shop and ship from USA to Kenya at an affordable price.

13. is a website for Air Cargo Logistics. They offer shipping solutions via air, sea and land. they also give best services like Clearing, Forwarding , Consolidation, Logistic and Freight Services.

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