Top 5 Local Courier Companies Websites in Kenya

Looking to have your parcel or product delivered to or within any county in Kenya? Below is a list of the best courier services for delivering your products at an affordable price. Most of them are based in Nairobi. We have ranked the courier companies' websites according to popularity.


Posta is a government-owned courier services provider. It is recommended if you are looking for an affordable option to send your parcels.


G4S is one of the most reputable private security in Kenya and Globally. G4S also offers courier services with delivery to almost every county in Kenya. G4S is the most recommended delivery service provider for business and sensitive documents.


Fargo Courier is a company that offers delivery services across the country. It was established by the private security company Wells Fargo. If you run an eCommerce or online business, Fargo Courier is the most reliable delivery service provider that you should partner with.

4. is a website for Newspaper Transporters Limited (NTL). NTL offers transportation of newspapers for The standard group and Nation Media. They also offer other courier-related services.

5. is a local courier website in Kenya. Tez logistics helps in delivery of packages and parcel within Nairobi. They also offer services like messenger and transport.

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